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Chicken Colombo ultra simpleBy NoemieYou are in a hurry and you want to fix a good complete meal? Try the recipe with chicken and rice. Everything in the pot and let it go. Q short while later, your dish will be ready.
Red cabbage and baconBy NoemieYou can mix red cabbage with any ingredients you want. The added vinegar enhances the dish and gives it a unique taste. Share the meal with your friends or family
Chili revisitedBy NoemieThis is another version of a chili recipe where you put everything in the pot and let it cook. A complete meal will be waiting for you in a few minutes to serve your friends
Chinese cabbage with scallopsBy NoemieChinese cabbage will also mix well with seafood. In that recipe, you have Chinese cabbage, carrots, and scallops. A really savory dish to share with your family on a great occasion.