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Zucchini, minced codfish, honey and raisinsBy NoemiePrepare yourself a quick, interesting good meal. The zucchini is mix up with some codfish and grapes. A few spices and herbs should make a real interesting sour sweet dish.
Prawns on a bed of leeksPrawns on a bed of leeksBy NoemieHow about cooking a simple seafood super? In that recipe, you prepare your prawns with some leeks and cream. Nothing else and in no time you will have a delicious meal ready.
Guinea fowl thighs and caulifloweBy NoemieGuinea fowl thighs make good tasty meal. You may want to try that recipe of the guinea fowl thighs with some cauliflower. It should just come out perfect.
Beef stewBy NoemieIn that recipe, you just put some ingredients in the pot and cook them; very easy. You mix some beef chunks with vegetables and some spices. It will be a good dish to share with your friends
Turkey slice, tomatoes and flat beanBy NoemieIf you don’t have much time, you definitely could try the sliced turkey with tomatoes and flat beans. You will have a complete meal ready in no time for your family.
Turkey slices and endivesBy NoemieTurkey is available all year long and you can mix it up with seasonable vegetables. In that case, we have some turkey with endives. It will make a nice dish in the winter.
Chicken slices and mustardBy NoemieIn that recipe, the difference will be the mustard. You can use some hot mustard with your slices of chicken before cooking it. The cream will enrich the whole dish.
Stuff endivesBy NoemieThis is another presentation of endives with minced steak. A nice and tasty sauce will cover the ingredients. It is simple but it should taste good.
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