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wheat, mushrooms and chicken WWwheat, mushrooms and chicken WWBy NoemieThis is a good weight watchers recipe to try after a good work out. Chicken bathing in a good creamy sauce with wine will give it a delicious and wonderful texture.
Wheat, beacon and vegetablesWheat, beacon and vegetablesBy NoemieYou will enjoy preparing that vegetables and grain dish that mix up the wheat with carrots and peas. It will accompany well a piece of fish or simply as a light evening meal with a salad.
Wheat and chorizo (sausage)Wheat and chorizo (sausage)By NoemieThe mixture of wheat and sausage will give a particularly good taste to that dish with a few vegetables added. In no time, your meal will be ready and you will be able to share it with your family.
Wheat, squash and chickenBy NoemieThis is a good complete and sturdy recipe that will fill you up after a day outdoors. Why don’t you try to prepare that dish for your friend on some evening?
Wheat, mushrooms and smoke salmon WWBy NoemieThis is a delicious weight watchers recipe. The smoke salmon and dill will confer an absolutely divine taste to that quick recipe. Yours friends will congratulate you for that simple but great dish.
Swiss chard, Spanish, sorrel and herbsBy NoemieThis is an excellent dish to savor in the springtime when you garden start to yield new delicious vegetables. Let’s prepare it for your family, they will love it
Beef carrots and olivesBy NoemieThis is another sturdy dish that combines beef, olives and some good spices and herbs. The olives will give it a peculiar taste and they are very good for your health. Share the meal with some friends.
Beef stroganoffBeef stroganoffBy NoemieThis is a well-known recipe always popular among people. Why not trying it the next time you are meeting with friends; they will love it.
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