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Pork chop and tomatoBy NoemieWhat about fixing some chops with a great tomato sauce. You can add up some spices and herbs to your tomato sauce to make it even tastier. You will have a nice dinner with your friend.
Pork rib with mustardBy NoemieYou can cook some pork ribs in any fashion. In that recipe, you have some mustard and garlic to give it a unique taste. Family and friends will enjoy that nice dish.
Swiss chard with the greenBy NoemieThis is a good recipe to use Swiss chard. It is easy and if you omit the bacon it can make a good vegetarian dish. You may accompany it with rice or another starchy food.
Pork ribs with Roquefort cheeseBy NoemieFor people that like blue cheese, you may try that recipe. After cooking the ribs, you mix Roquefort cheese with cream to make a very tasty sauce.
Lamb ribs, peas and pastaBy NoemieWhy not try the lamb with peas and pasta for dinner. It is a good sturdy meal; quickly prepare. Your family will enjoy it without question.
Cockerels mix upBy NoemieYou can use the cockerel as a base and add whatever ingredients you have in your cupboard. In that recipe, you mix up the cockerel with some spices and bacon.
Chicken or turkey with red wineBy NoemieWhat about preparing a pot of chicken with some red wine sauce? In that recipe, you do just that with a few vegetables and some good herbs. You will have a delicious meal ready for your hungry guest.
Lamb ribs, carrots and riceBy NoemieThis is a recipe with lamb ribs and vegetables. Lamb's ribs are good in any way and you can accompany them with anything you want. In that dish, you have carrots, mushrooms, and rice.
Schnitzel WWBy NoemieOnce the exercise session is finished, you may want to fix dinner with your weight watcher friend. Try the light recipe of schnitzel. You may want to fix some vegetable or salad to accompany it.
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