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Cod bouillabaisse

Yields1 ServingPrep Time30 minsCook Time30 minsTotal Time1 hr

Bouillabaisse is a fairly popular dish. You can use all types of ingredients to prepare it. Try that dish that uses vegetables, codfish and some good spicing, your guest will enjoy it on a cold day.

Cod bouillabaisse

 1 kg desalinated cod cut into large slabs
 1 kg potatoes cut into slices
 2 whites of chopped leeks
 4 chopped onions
 1 stalk of celery cut into pieces
 2 scoops of saffron
 4 tbsp olive oil
 3 tbsp tomato paste
 1 bouquet garnished
 4 cloves of garlic
 500 ml white wine
 500 ml water

Set the instant pot in mode browning

Brown the onions in 3 tbsp oil

Add leeks

Brown 5 min

Add celery, garlic, bouquet garnished, tomato paste

Wet with water and wine

Add pepper

Add saffron

Add cod and potatoes

Mix gently so as not to damage the cod

Add 1 tbsp oil

Put the instant pot in cooking mode 14min